Longhorns Head to Tail Store is open 7 days a week at Home Grown Cow. LHT Store sells pure Texas Longhorn beef grass-raised at one ranch from conception until consumption. Texas Longhorns not only provide all the basic nutrition, but excel in high protein, and low fat and cholesterol. All LHT beef is raised on the 4,000 acre Dickinson Cattle Company Inc. of Belmont County, Ohio in the rich Appalachian grasslands. Over forty springfed pastures allow cattle production and natural rotation the healthy way.

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Most 100% grassfed beef is sold as grind product. The store also sells grassfed beef with a short grain feed period. An all free-range natural ground beef product vacuum-wrapped USDA or ODA inspected is available in amounts one pound to a truck load., All cattle are one owner, open air, free- range raised and bred.

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